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Meet Jessica

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I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in Southeast Louisiana. I have a handsome husband, two super cute daughters who I absolutely adore to pieces, and two cuddly cats that lay next to me during every late night editing session.


If I had to sum up my personality, I would say I’m the photographer that will throw my camera over my shoulder and twerk with you at your wedding. I’m also the one who will tear up with you during your first look and vows.

Every. Single. Time. 


You can count on me to help keep you calm but simultaneously be your ultimate hype girl. I'm a former teacher, so planning, timelines, and keeping things organized and on-track while being positive, upbeat, and fun are some of my strong suits.


So with all that being said - let’s have fun and create some memories that’ll last a lifetime. I promise I’ll capture your big day in a way that you’ll be proud to show your kids… and grandkids… and, of course, everyone on social media.

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