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Meet Jessica


Hello, friend!


I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in the New Orleans area. I have a handsome husband and super cute baby daughter that I absolutely adore to pieces. In our spare time, we love to explore new places, watch Friends late at night (how YOU doin?), and take lots of naps.


If I had to sum up my personality, I would say I’m the photographer that will throw my camera over my shoulder and do the Wobble with you at your wedding. I’m also the one who will tear up during your first look and vows. It doesn’t matter how many weddings I am a part of, those things get me every. single. time. There’s just something about promising forever to your soulmate in front of everyone near and dear to your heart that gives me ALL THE FEELS. I’m getting goosies just thinking about it. Oh love, you are just the grandest.


So with all that being said - let’s have lots of fun together and create some memories that’ll last a lifetime. I promise I’ll capture your big day in a way that you’ll be proud to show your kids… and grandkids… and, of course, everyone on Facebook.

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