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Annie + Matt Engagement

Serendipity is one of those concepts that has always really boggled my mind.  It is hard to deny that a lot of times (if not all the time) it is divine intervention.  This has to be the case for Annie and Matt.  Annie was attending her best friend’s bachelorette party in Pensacola last winter that was originally supposed to be in Tennessee.  A change of plans changed their location drastically – they now found themselves on the beach instead of in the mountains.  Originally being from California, Matt was moved all over due to the military and just so happened to be living in Pensacola.  As fate would have it, the two met during a bachelorette scavenger hunt on the town.  The rest is history.  The two quickly became inseparable, and Annie quit her oncology nursing career here in Louisiana and moved her life to Pensacola to be with Matt.  No, this is not the plot of some blockbuster rom-com.  Things like this happen in real life.  To people you’ve known for over ten years.  Fast forward to now, and Annie and Matt are planning a wedding and a future together wherever the world (and military) takes them.  Their next destination may be California, Hawaii, Japan, or South Carolina, but wherever they end up, I know that these two will be together forever.  It is destiny, after all.

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