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Krystle + David 10th Anniversary

David and Krystle’s love is so inspiring.  They are celebrating ten years of marriage in this session, but when you are around them they seem like newlyweds.  David still makes Krystle laugh constantly, and the way they look at each other makes you melt like you’re watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.  I know you’re asking yourself, “Could they get ANY more adorable?”  The answer is yes.  Both Krystle and David are teachers in our community, and their passion and joy for educating children absolutely warms my heart.  They are also the parents of two handsome and smart young boys, and this little family always has a blast together.  They love going on adventures and vacations at every chance they can get.  Photographing this milestone in their marriage was such a fun and effortless affair.  There’s no Photoshopping this kind of love, folks.  It just emanates from both of them and gives you all of the heart eyes.

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