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Emily + Rickey's Wedding

Emily and Rickey’s whole wedding day had such a fun and laid-back atmosphere.  While Emily and the girls spent hours getting their hair and makeup done in Wonder Woman pajamas on one side of the venue, Rickey and the guys played games and drank Yoo-Hoos on the other.  When it was almost time for the ceremony, close family and friends huddled in the bridal and groom suites and held hands and prayed together.  While capturing these sweet and intimate pre-wedding moments, I made sure to soak up all love and prayers being said over this sweet couple.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  I have to say, weddings are my absolute favorite.  Being there to witness and capture two people pledging their eternal love and commitment to one another is such an emotional and powerful experience.  I get goosebumps and watery eyes every single time.  Afterwards, the fun begins.  Immediately any wedding jitters and stress literally melt away as the two lovebirds celebrate their new marriage with everyone they love the most in one room.  When everyone is on the dance floor nonstop the whole night, you know you have put on a good party!  These people sure knew how to dance!  As glow sticks lit their way, the new Mr. and Mrs. Skinner joyfully got in their getaway vehicle and drove off into the night full of love and hope for a beautiful life together.

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